Bringing together industry, government and research expertise.


ACSRI-sponsored research covers three cohesive and integrated themes which have been developed in consultation with ACSRI’s industry, government and academic partners.

All three themes will be supported by a federated simulation, evaluation and test facility that will be created by linking the test labs of ACSRI’s partners. This facility will allow for simulation at a scale far larger than is currently possible in Australia and will be a valuable contribution to Australia’s cyber security research capacity.

Theme 1: Next generation cyber security technologies

This theme includes:

• IoT security;
• Blockchain security and the use of blockchains as a security technology;
• Ultra-high speed intrusion detection and response;
• Self-repairing highly resilient systems;
• Mechanisms for massive-scale deployment of security technologies.

Theme 2: Identity, authentication and authorisation in the cyber world

This theme includes:

• Federated identity frameworks at scale, identity/attribute assertion, trust hierarchies;
• Authentication of people, devices, services and data;
• Recovery of trust post data breach or identity theft/takeover;
• User behaviours, organisational policies and legal settings.

Theme 3: Legal and Statecraft

This theme includes:

• Jurisdiction and legal frameworks relating to cloud/SaaS and the prosecution of cybercrime;
• Cyber security knowledge for policy makers, regulatory bodies, lawmakers, prosecutors, judiciary;
• Evidence-base for international and domestic cyber-related policy settings.