Cyber Security CRC

Call for expressions of interest to join the ACSRI-led consortium

Cyber Security CRC

ACSRI’s Board is pleased to announce that ACSRI will be leading a Cyber Security funding bid in the 18th Round of the Cooperative Research Centres Program which opened on 1 February 2016 with submissions due by 31 March 2016.

ACSRI is now seeking expressions of interest from industry to join the ACSRI-led consortium of leading universities and research bodies with complementary and high quality research capacity in cyber security and related domains. ACSRI will announce the names of its bid partners in due course and the Board is confident that the consortium will have excellent representation across most if not all states making this a truly national bid.

ACSRI also has a growing number of government agencies as partners. Whilst they may not contribute cash (and if they were to, it wouldn’t be counted towards the matching funding to be provided by the government under the program), they are very willing to provide in-kind resources including data which will add considerable value to the research program.

ACSRI’s governance and legal structure (company limited by guarantee) and its consortium agreement provide the ideal vehicle to house a CRC. Typically, CRC’s take about a year to establish themselves but in the case of this bid, ACSRI’S Board believes the Cyber Security CRC will be able to be operational from Day 1 if the bid is successful. This should be a matter of considerable interest to all prospective participants within the bid as well as the CRC Committee because it significantly reduces the execution risk and accelerates the likely return on investment.

CRC-funded research must according to the CRC guidelines be industry-led and ACSRI’s Research Director, Professor Craig Valli has hosted the first meeting of the consortium’s research leads to begin to define the research program which at this stage has three major research themes as follows:

  • Theme 1 – Next generation cyber security technologies;
  • Theme 2 – Identity, authentication and authorisation in the cyber world;
  • Theme 3 – Legal and statecraft.

ACSRI also envisages the establishment of a federated simulation, test and evaluation facility to be achieved in part through the networking of existing cyber ranges and test labs within the consortium (and potentially, within some international partners). This facility will allow for simulation at a scale far larger than is currently possible in Australia and will be a valuable contribution to Australia’s cyber security research capacity.

Organisations looking to participate in this Cyber Security CRC should contact ACSRI’s CEO, Mr Gary Blair by email –