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“To research solutions for a safer and more secure digital environment for a resilient and productive Australia.”

The Australian Cyber Security Institute (ACSRI) is a collaborative network of researchers, universities, government and industry partners nationwide. Representing Australia’s first coordinated strategic research and education effort between national cyber security agencies, industry and researchers ACSRI will deliver an Australia wide approach to respond to cyber threats and cyber crime.

The Institute is comprised of a range of member organisations that bring specialised expertise to a suite of industry driven research projects that are run under three overarching research themes to deliver a range of benefits for Australian industry, government and society.

By engaging in research ACSRI’s focus is to achieve outcomes for education and public information, while continuing to grow the body of knowledge in cyber security and to position ACSRI as a “Centre of Excellence” for cyber security-related research and policy advice within Australia and internationally. 

Through its activities ACSRI:

    • has established a sustainable commercial entity for the conduct of high quality, technology-focused cyber security research and collaboration
    • produces cyber security solutions to improve Australia’s ability to reduce the impact and incidence of cyber security threats
    • increases national capacity to address persistent cyber threats, and
    • contributes to a safer electronic environment for industry, government and the community to conduct business, learn, interact and be entertained


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Building partnerships and research collaboration to improve engaged research

In terms of Cyber Security R&D capabilities, the national landscape is dominated by a small number of key players. ACSRI will provide a critical link to bring together key stakeholders within a constantly evolving, and increasingly threatening, cross jurisdictional cyber security environment.

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